Emergency and Useful Telephone Numbers - PRINT THIS before your visit Rhodes

Rhodes Island does not pose any real dangers for tourists, except maybe unexperienced tourists driving, drunk driving, drinking too much... In other words, if you are careful and you know your limits, you will hardly get into trouble or have a bad experience in Greece and particularly in Rhodes. But before you visit our island, I would suggest you print this page and keep the following telephone numbers with you at all times, for help or emergencies...

Rhodes Tourist Information Office: (+30) 22410 35945
Tourist Police Station: (+30) 22410 27423 / 23329
Greek National Tourist Organization (EOT): (+30) 22410 44330
First Aid / Hospital Ambulance: (+30) 22410 22222 / 25555
Taxi Station: (+30) 22410 27666
Rhodes Airport: (+30) 22410 88700
Rhodes Sea Port: (+30) 22410 22220 / 28888

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