Symi (simi) Island - Greece

Symi Island Greece
Pictures say it all for Symi, even though they cannot ever give you the full experience you will get by visiting this Island. A small island very close to Rhodes (1 hour by ferry) but so different, untouched by civilisation in terms of architecture and culture, the most beautiful island in the Aegean, the most popular destination for photographres...
Symi Island Greece
Symi Town is located in a bay on steep rocky mountain hills, having its center of attention at the sea, where all life was depended for centuries, the island's main industry is the Fishing industry, and the ship building in the past. Nowdays, Fishing and Tourism is the main island industry.
Symi Island Greece
The Symi Fishermen have spent their whole life fishing, they make and maintain their own fishing nets with techniques they learned from their fathers, the fishing tradition is very long and has kept the Island inhabited since ancient times. They use small boats, not much technology, just the experience... The fish they catch is sold on the island during the busy Summer season. The visitors enjoy fresh local fish from clean waters.
Symi Island Greece
Most of the fishing boats used are wooden, hand made some of them in Symi Island Boat yard by local craftsmen. The boats seem floating on the crystal clear waters of the island. Its a beautiful subject for photographers...
Symi Island Greece
St Panormitis Monastery is also a very popular destination on Symi Island, because of the large natural bay that protects boats from bad weather. Popular small yacht destination, but also very popular visit for the Greek Orthodox believers. Also popular for tourists, it has a very interresting Nautical museum with hundreds of miniature boats, offered by people to the Protector of Symi for hundreds of years, St. Panormitis.
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