The beautiful Halki moonrise, you dont want to miss!!

Sunrise on a fishing boat
Halki (Chalki) Island

Overview part of the harbour and the village. Plenty of windows for the beautiful view for the locals, and the guests...

Halki is a beautiful small island very close to Rhodes island, accessible by ferry boats from Rhodes harbour or Kamiros Skala harbour almost daily, its best if you check the ferry schedules before you arrange for your visit there.
Why Halki? Quiet, serene, traditional, with its own character the island will steal your heart… Very limited use of cars or motorcycles, not allowed within the main village results in its beautiful atmosphere. Strict laws in building and business appearance, also ensures the traditional fishing character of the island.
The food is exceptional, the resident’s main occupation is fishing so you will always find fresh local fish from the crystal clear and clean waters of the island. Pricing is also very affordable, since fish is found plenty and there are good transportation routes with Rhodes island.
A day trip will be enough to get a taste of the village, an extended stay will take your mind off the civilisation and get you very close to nature and the magic of the island’s traditional way of life…
Highly recommended!

For more information on accommodation, contact the Central Tour Agency Zifos Travel, located at the port of Halki, at: TEL: +30 22410 45028 / 45082 FAX: TEL: +30 22410 45028

Harbour of Halki with its crystal clear waters View of the village from accross the gulf Just afer a mornings fish catch, the nets are ready for next days work. The fish, are waiting for you at the restaurants!

Halki historical Overview:
The island of Halki took its name from the copper mines that used to be there. There is not much information about the island's prehistory. We do know though that from the 10th to the 5th century BC it enjoyed some kind of prosperity. In ancient years, it was divided into 30 boroughs and its first dwellers were Pelasgians, Dorians, Carians and Phoenicians. In the 7th century, it passed into the possession of the Arabs, until 825 when they were replaced by the Byzantines. In 1522, it was taken by the Turks and in 1912 by the Italians. In general, it shared the fate of the rest of the Dodecanese and became part of Greece on 5 March 1948.

Flowers even though not visible from the port, within the village are part of every household, adding to the beauty of halki Houses within the village keep the traditional style I had the pleasure of living this moment at a moonrise over the small island in the middle of the harbour. I hope you have the chance of living this experience too!
Traditional house with history...

Sea, sun, and village houses harmonically together

They love their flowers... you will too!
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