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Ancient Stadium
Ancient Stadium
Ancient Stadium
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Rhodes Beach
Akti Miaouli / Aquarium Beach
Akti Miaouli / Aquarium beach
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Rhodes town is situated at the ideal location at the tip of Rhodes Island, over the ruins of Rhodes Ancient town. It includes and surrounds the Old Town (medieval town).

Rhodes town concentrates most of the Tourism, rightfully since it has the best sightseeing locations, historical (ancient, medieval etc), traditional, museums, a city full of interresting sights.

Many hotels of all classifications, Rooms / Studios / Apartments. Restaurants of any kind you wish, bars, cafes for all tastes.
The center of town is also the shopping center for locals and tourists.

In Rhodes town and within walking distance there are popular (Elli beach) or more quiet beaches (Aquarium and Akti Miaouli beach) with crystal clear calm waters or windy with waves...

The commercial port is also found here, so if you come by boat, this is where you will arrive.

About Rhodes Island

Rhodes has a rich history and throughout the centuries, it has always been a prime location due to the excellent weather, scenery and climate. It has many well-preserved monuments for unlimited sightseeing, which range from the Ancient times (Kamiros, Lindos , Ialyssos, Rhodes ) to the Medieval ( Knights Castle , Old Town) and finally to current times (Italian occupation architectural heaven). There are many picturesque villages that are examples of current local history and where the local produce, a key ingredient in Mediterranean cuisine are grown.
Area Photo Panoramas:
• Rhodes Ancient Stadium 360• Rhodes Aquarium and Elli Beach• Rhodes Island Elli Beach• Rhodes Island Mandraki Port• Rhodes Mandraki• Rhodes Mandraki 2• Rhodes Mandraki 3

Rhodes Hotel Video Production:Rhodes Town Elli Beach

Rhodes town Elli Beach, one of the most popular beaches in Rhodes Island.

Rhodes Hotel Video Production:Rhodes Town Mandraki Harbour

Rhodes downtown area, Mandraki full of historical monuments and Rhodes Landmarks, this video concentrates on this area.

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