What do I eat in Greece / Rhodes Island??
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A tasty fish (mainly for locals) called Germanos

Fishing in Greece and in Rhodes Island has been an occupation for thousands of years!! The rich in Greek waters offer a very good variety of tasty fish that has fed the Greek people throughout the centuries. Most of the villages in the Greek Islands and the coast of Greece are fishing villages.
Rhodes has two main bases for the fishing industry, Rhodes Town and Kamiros Skala. Everyday, early in the morning, the fishermen bring the fish they just caught to the markets (unfortunately the historical fish market at Mandraki is not working any more), either at the daily public market or at large distribution fish shops. Others sell their fish right at the coast where they fished them.
During the summer months though, the demand for fish is so large that the fresh fish caught in Rhodes is not nearly enough for the tourists. So fish is imported from neighboring islands, or frozen from other countries.
Fresh fish is expensive, so you need to know a few things before you order from a restaurant.

Fish in Greece are graded by the following qualities / categories (A,B,C) which also determine their cost, A Category is most expensive.

  • A Category: Lithrini, Sinagrida, Fagri, Tsipoura, Mourmoura, Glossa, Sfirida, Magiatiko, Ksifias
  • B Category: Kefalos, Lavraki, Sargos, Melanouri, Rofos, Loutsos, Mpakaliaros, Milokopi, Sikios, Christopsaro
  • C Category: Mparmpouni, Palamida, Skoumpri, Kolios, Safridi, Kokali, Gopa, Salpa, Tuna, Scorpion, Gilos, Heilou, Sparos, Helidonopsaro, Kaponi, Marida, Atherina, Sardela
In terms of fat, High fat fish are: Ksifias, Tsipoura, Zargana, Solomos, Palamida, Mparmpouni. Low fat fish are: Christopsaro, Tuna, Perka, Glossa, Mpakaliaros 
What wine is appropriate for fish? Definitely white, absolutely no sweet wine of any kind...
How to clean the fish smell.
The best way is the usage of lemon. You rub your hands with a fresh lemon, and the fish smell dissapears!
How to find out if a fish is fresh. If you are going to pay over 30 euros per kilo for a fresh fish, you should definitely know to distinguish if it is really fresh. Unfortunately it is a bit difficult since you have to have a bit of experience in this, but there are some key points to note.
The main way to identify the freshness of a fish is if it is slippery (which goes away in about 12 to 18 hours since it was caught) and shiny. The eyes must be inflated and clear. If you touch its body and press it lightly, it should recover fast after you release the pressure. The fresh fish which is just caught doesnt smell at all, and as the time passes it smells more and more. If a fish smells very strongly, it is not very fresh.
When you order fish at a restaurant and it is supposed to be fresh, you should definitely see it before they cook it, to select which ones you want, and see how fresh it is. Most respectable restaurants will ask you to select your fish even without you asking.

The Greek Lobster The Greek Lobster CATEGORY A
The Greek Lobster is a type of lobster found only in Greece, mostly in Islands with deep rocky waters, it is very expensive comparatively since it is very hard to catch with nets from very experienced fishermen in this type of fishing.
The female is tastier than the male lobster, especially when the eggs are still within the lobster body. The female can be identified by the fins at the back under the belly, if they are larger it is female, if they are smaller it is male.
The Greek lobster is not red, its brownish and has large antennas and no claws.
If you are a company of more than 4 persons, and you can afford it, try a lobster pasta (astakomakaronada) dish.

The Greek Sinagrida The Greek Sinagrida CATEGORY A
Sinagrida is an expensive but very tasty fish, it is considered to be the king of fish!! It can reach the size of 1 meter in length, about 15 kg. It is fished all year long, at deep and only cleanest waters.
It is best cooked grilled or in the oven, you will mainly find it grilled which is also the best cooking method.
Be careful, you need to ask for its price which is usually per kilo, and ask what is the weight of the specific fish you will eat, to ensure you know exactly how much you will pay for it.

The Greek Fangri The Greek Fangri CATEGORY A
Fangri (Sea bream fish) is a very popular fish, even though it is not tastier than other Greek fish, because it does not have as much fat as other fish.
This makes it a bit better for low calorie diets. It is pinkish and is best eaten at the grill (charcoal).
You may also find it at a fish soup (with larger fish).
This fish is very similar to the rest of the world's Sea Breams, so it will be hard to identify if it is local, unless of course its fresh which means it was recently fished from local waters.

The Greek Mourmoura (Striped Sea bream fish - Murmurer fish)Mourmoura (Striped Sea bream fish - Murmurer fish) CATEGORY A
The Greek Mourmoura fish is very tasty and popular fish, and very hard to find. It lives in sandy sea beds, it is identified easily by the parallel dark stripes. It is usually fished with fishing line. The Greek fish will be fresh and quite more expensive, there are many imports from Italy though at better prices.
It is best eaten charcoal grilled.

Tsipoura (Gilthead Seabream fish)Tsipoura (Gilthead Seabream fish) CATEGORY A
Tsipoura (Gilthead Seabream fish) is one of the most popular fish, because it is very tasty but also very easily available, since it is greatly cultivated in fish-farms throughout Greece (In rhodes also there are a few fish farms that produce Tsipoura).
The free range fish though tastes much better and can be identified by its yellowish spots especially at the top of the head. The fish-farm fish are pure silver and black, there are no visible yellow signs.
It is rare though (and can be expensive) to find a free range fish in a restaurant. Just make sure you get what they promise, and don't pay for the free range fish and get a fish farm fish which should be quite cheaper...
Tsipoura is eaten charcoal grilled, and even from fish-farms it is very tasty.

Melanouri (Saddled bream) Melanouri (Saddled bream) CATEGORY B
Another popular Greek fish, the Melanouri (Saddled bream) is identified by its black spot at the root of the tail, it is silver and it has about 10 thin stripes from head to tail. They eat sea plants and live in clean and deep waters. They are fished by fishing lines and fishing nets. They have a very good reputation for the taste they give

The Greek KoutsomouraThe Greek Koutsomoura
The Greek Koutsomoura is a vary tasty fish especially if it is fished at rocky sea beds. Usually small in size, they can be also larger but harder to find. They have a soft pink color and straight line on the head, and this is how they were named in Greek. Usually eaten fried.

The Greek OctopusThe Greek Octopus
The Greek Octopus is very popular and easy to find, it can be cooked as an appetizer or part of the main course. It can be dried in the sun, grilled, marinated, stifado (with baby onions in red sauce) and cooked in various ways.
It is usually caught by spear fishing, at the rocky coastline of Rhodes almost at any location / beach. There are several Greeks that will jump in the water and come up with a few octopuses in a few minutes!!! To tenderize it, the fishermen pound it on the rocks by the seawater. They may dry it out on the sun by hanging it on a line.
One of the best appetizers (mezes) to accompany Ouzo!
High cholesterol source, not to be consumed regularly by people with high cholesterol levels (unfortunately).

The Greek MusselsThe Greek Mussels
The Greek Mussels are cultivated at northern Greece, at Katerini, Thessaloniki, Kavala, Alexandroupolis, Megara and Salamina areas.
They are very tasty, and cooked various ways, usually steamed or in saganaki. They are not relatively cheap, and are a bit hard to be found since they are usually fresh.
High cholesterol source, not to be consumed regularly by people with high cholesterol levels (unfortunately).

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